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Who Is The Nonfiction WRITE NOW Book Challenge For?

Business/Agency Owners and Service Professionals

You have an office, practice, or clinic and you want a way to build instant authority in your niche, showcasing you as the expert in your field. 

You’ve seen others (Robert Kiyosaki, Doctor Oz, Perry Marshall, etc.) use this strategy to grow their businesses 100x - and you want in.

But you’re busy and you need a streamlined, no-fluff approach to execute and get results. You’re ready for a customized timeline and accountability, and support from a an elite mastermind group of other business authors would be great also.


You’re trying to find a way to differentiate yourself in the flooded coach marketplace. In 2022, everyone needs a little help - the next step in the right direction - and you know without a doubt that your system works and really helps people. 

You can see yourself on stage, giving speeches like Tony Robbins that inspire and move people to better their lives and circumstances - pushing them to become the best version of themselves.

You’re willing to commit the time and the work it takes to help people, going from 1-to-1, to 1-to-many….and if it drives more leads than you can handle and you have to go up on your prices and increase your bottom line - well, that’s a great bonus!

Retired CXOs & Storytellers

You’ve lived an amazing life and you have wisdom to share. While you’re entering a stage where you may not be “ramping up”, adding more clients or speaking opportunities, you wouldn’t mind consulting on the side. 

Passive income from a book, plus the income you can generate from high-ticket consulting, could help you pad your retirement, provide for your estate, or maybe allow you to do more with the philanthropic hobbies and relationships you’ve developed. 

And of course, there’s always travel! Having a bit of extra pocket money for things you love to do, now that you have time to do them, is something you’d be excited to invest in and a great project for you to start.

What You'll Learn

What to Expect in the WRITE NOW Book Challenge

Solidifying Your Book Idea

What makes a good book? How specific should you be with your book idea? What long term goals do you have for your book? We'll cover all this PLUS you'll get practical homework to move your big book idea in the right direction.

Session Value: $197
Challenge Cost: FREE

Writing To Your Audience - Establishing Your Book's Avatar

Once you establish WHY you're writing a book and WHAT it will accomplish, your next step will be to determine WHO you are writing it for. On Day 2 of the WRITE NOW Challenge, come prepared to brainstorm your avatar. In this session we will unveil all the info we teach our very own students, so you can learn why writing to your perfect avatar matters when setting your book up for maximum sales and reviews when you publish.

Session Value: $297 
Challenge Cost: FREE

Mind Map Your Book Idea

Most authors get trapped in "idea mode," and skipping this step is often the real reason why! Through the proven practice of mind-mapping, Day 3 of WRITE NOW will challenge you to put pen to paper, and organize all your thoughts in one place. The best ideas win, and will become the forerunner to your book outline. So come prepared to lay out the ideas you have for your book, and submit them to receive our feedback on Day 4!

Session Value: $397 
Challenge Cost: FREE

Outline Your Book

Completed your mind map? In this session, you'll get live feedback, as well as learn the process of how to organize your ideas into chapters and sections! You'll also learn how to incorporate story elements in your book to prevent your book from becoming a "dry read" and how to utilize story to help unlock your reader's understanding of your books ideas and concepts and help them take action on what they learned from you!

Session Value: $397 
Challenge Cost: FREE

5-Steps For A Fantastic Rough Draft!

Are you Rough Draft ready? In this session, you'll learn the 5 Action Steps you need to complete before you start writing! Following this proven process will make writing your rough draft easier, faster, and you'll have less edits to make later!

Session Value: $697 
Challenge Cost: FREE

Daily Homework Assignments to Complete Your Write Now Author Framework

Make this challenge "plug-and-play" for yourself future author! Get daily homework after each lesson to help you move from "book idea" to "chapter outline"!

Workbook Value: $97 
Challenge Cost: FREE
Enroll in the One-Time-Only WRITE NOW Book Challenge
for FREE today to learn all of that & more...
Wednesday, April 20th - Sunday, April 24th From 1-2 EST

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What would it look like for you to...

Know exactly what you want to write about and why you want to write it—without spinning your wheels in idea-land?

Have a 5 day action plan that outlines your entire book?

Learn from industry-leading experts and full-time bestselling authors themselves about how they did it, what they wish they had known??

Enroll in the One-Time-Only WRITE NOW Book Challenge today
to learn all of that & more
Join us LIVE on Wednesday April 20th - Sunday April 24th from 1-2 ET!


Enroll in the One-Time-Only Write Now Book Challenge today
to learn all of that & more..
Join us LIVE on Wednesday April 20th -
Sunday April 24th!

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Once a year, we host a challenge to address the most frequently asked question our authors have asked us
that year...

And this year...we've been hammered with this question above all others:

I want to write a book, but where do I even begin?

  • CREATING A CLEAR PATH TO YOUR GOAL—one that could launch a successful business that keeps growing or builds the legacy you've always dreamed of.
  • ​PROVIDING A CAREER YOU'RE PASSIONATE ABOUT—one you can't wait to wake up to every day that fuels your creative spirit and gives you the time freedom to enjoy what you love!
  • IMPACTING LIVES with every book sold—your story can move the lives of its readers and we believe 1 book can change thousands of lives through leveraged impact (just imagine what several books can do)
  • ​GROWING YOUR BUSINESS with a nonfiction book by adding another arm to generate leads, increase your authority, and even book more podcasts, speaking engagements, and publicity opportunities
  • SETTING AN EXAMPLE for your friends, family, and community of what it looks like to set a high goal and dream, work toward it, and accomplish it
  • ​ALLOWING YOU TO LIVE for yourself and your dreams, and not on anyone else's time
Books don't just change the readers' lives...they can change yours, too.

It all starts with having the courage to start WRITE NOW and learn how to take it all the way.

Do you have an idea(s) for a book and want to take the next step toward actually writing it?

The best time to start writing a book is after you have a clear vision for your book. But even if you don’t know what your vision is or what you want to write about, we can help you go from blank page to budding bestseller in this 5-Day WRITE NOW Book Challenge.

This is no easy feat. There are two main reasons so many people won’t actually ever write their book:

1. They live in dream-land and have so many ideas (or no idea at all) what to write (and don’t have a clear vision about what their book would accomplish), and therefore have no idea where to start.

2. They don't know that there are people like us (Self-Publishing School) to help them create a clear-cut path to go from a blank page to the best book outline for writing a successful book.

So the very first question you have to answer when it comes to this is...

Are you okay with living in dream-mode, or do you want to write something that actually accomplishes big goals?
The #1 Weakness Aspiring Writers Face When It Comes To Actually Writing Their Book
The challenge most aspiring writers face isn't that they need more book ideas. In fact, the authors we work with typically have too many ideas!


Aspiring writers come to us because there's one part of the successful book writing process they get stuck in. And that's...

A plan.

You can have all the ideas and passion in the world, but without a plan, it can be nearly impossible to achieve your dream.
You may find yourself asking questions like:

Where do I even start (I have a million ideas!)?
  • Are my ideas even any good?
  • ​How do I go about putting pen to paper?
  • ​What are the steps to getting it finalized and then published?
  • ​What are the best books to publish that my audience will keep buying?
  • ​How much time do I need to dedicate to making this a reality if I work full-time currently? (spoiler: less than you think)
  • ​How the heck do I even go about marketing my books in the first place?
Is this you? If so, our WRITE NOW Book Challenge is the best first step to (finally!) go from a blank page to a budding bestseller.

Are you ready to focus on your book… but you just need a little help getting started?
We get it. It can be very daunting to get started writing an ENTIRE book if you don’t know how to get your head wrapped around it.

Is writing a book your goal? Yes. Is getting started your first obstacle? Yes.

That's why we created this challenge.

If you're a nonfiction writer looking to create an impact and build your platform, we can help you get started and walk away with a framework to organize exactly what your next best steps are toward writing your book(s).
Join us LIVE on Wednesday, April 20th - Sunday, April 24th from 1-2 ET!

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Writing a Book IS POSSIBLE, if 
You Do These Things:

  • Sign up for this one-time FREE challenge for 5 days of learning how to bring your book ideas to life
  • Attend every day and complete the daily homework to build your framework for your book
  • Understand that this process is not overnight, and each step of writing your book is just a small stepping stone to a successful journey
  • Come ready to get it wrong sometimes and persevere to accomplish your goals
  • Learn from those who did get it right and can set you up for success
  • “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” - Jennifer Lee


Nobody can magically write a book for you.You have to do the work.
You have to show up for yourself and your dream.

So we ask you...will you do this for yourself, and for the freedom of accomplishing your biggest dreams and desires?

If so, sign up for this challenge and we'll set you on the RIGHT path from the very beginning.

And remember...if you already have a book or two or five published but need a framework for writing books faster and writing to the right audience (to increase sales) this Challenge is for you, also!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still Not Sure if This WRITE NOW Book Challenge is for You?

Here are some common questions...

What if I have too many ideas or zero ideas on what to write about?

There’s a reason you found this challenge, and chances are, it’s because you want to write a book in order to accomplish a certain goal. The WRITE NOW Book Challenge is perfect for helping you visualize why you want to write a book, what (and who) you want to write it for, and to nail down and create an outline for what that topic should be.

How much time do I need to set aside each day for the challenge?

Each challenge content will be 1-hour long, and you will also want to set aside at least 30 minutes to an hour for your homework each day in order to truly build your framework.

What if I can't make all of the days of the challenge?

We understand people are busy, but we do recommend being able to take your lunch and show up LIVE to the trainings—this will allow you to get questions answered in the comments in real-time. However, the challenge videos will be available in the Facebook group for a limited time, and recordings are available to keep forever after you sign up (on the next page).

Is this for nonfiction or fiction?

This challenge will be covering how to outline a book for nonfiction. 

Where will this challenge be held?

We'll be hosting this challenge in a private Facebook group with hundreds of aspiring full-time authors just like you! An account is necessary to access it, and it's very easy to create one.

How much will the challenge cost?

How much will the challenge cost?
Not a dime, just your time. For real, this challenge is completely free. You can enroll and attend for no cost at all.
Join us LIVE on Wednesday, April 20th - Sunday, April 24th from 1-2 ET!

Save your spot for the WRITE NOW Book Challenge by Signing Up Below:


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