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Is the 'Book In A Week' Challenge for me?

Yes! This Challenge Is For You, Especially If...

  • You're overwhelmed by the writing process. Break through writer's block and find clarity with structured guidance, turning your ideas into compelling chapters.
  • You find difficulty in marketing your book. Learn proven marketing strategies tailored for authors, enabling you to effectively promote and sell your book upon release.
  • ​You want to build a TRIBE of hard-core fans that can’t get enough of you, your personality, and your story… and will buy and LOVE everything you put out!
  • You have a lack of industry knowledge. Gain insights from industry experts, including the renowned techniques of Dan Kennedy, to navigate the literary world with confidence.
If you nodded or said “yes” to any of the above, then this FREE 4-Day ‘Book In A Week’ Challenge is 100% for you.

Sign up today and we’ll show you step-by-step on how to write your book in a week and turn it into the ultimate marketing machine to grow your impact and your income!

If you want to learn how to write and publish a book that attracts your dream clients like a marketing machine...

Then This Challenge Will Show You How!

From: Chandler Bolt

Are you dreaming of writing a book that not only shares your story but also skyrockets your success? 

Imagine holding a published book with your name on the cover, and not just any book, but a powerful marketing tool that elevates your brand, business, and bank balance. 

We're excited to introduce "The Magnetic Author Challenge", a transformative journey where your aspirations become achievements.
Why You Can't Miss This Challenge:
  • Dan Kennedy's Wisdom, Made Simple: Dan is a marketing wizard, and I've broken down his strategies into practical, actionable steps that'll transform you into a confident, successful author.
  • Writing Made Easy: Whether it’s just an idea or a work-in-progress, I’ll provide the tools to craft your words effortlessly, making writing something you look forward to every day.
  • Publishing? Piece of Cake: I’ll guide you through publishing with ease and fun, taking the mystery out of the equation and replacing it with excitement.
  • Market Like a Pro: I’ll show you how to get your book into the hands of readers who are eagerly waiting for it. It’s not just about writing; it's about creating a buzz and making a splash.
  • Community and Support: Join a community of fellow dreamers and achievers. Share your progress, learn from others, and build friendships that could last a lifetime.
Who Should Join?
This challenge is for you if you're an entrepreneur, a professional, or someone with a story that deserves to be told. We’re not just writing books; we’re creating legacies.
I believe your story is unique and the world deserves to hear it. This is your chance to share your knowledge, your experiences, and your voice.
Are you ready to join me and become the author you’ve always dreamed to be? Let's write this story together.
Join The Book In A Week Challenge today
Can’t wait to start this journey with you,

– Chandler Bolt

P.S. Your voice is powerful, and your story matters. Let’s make sure it’s heard. Jump in now and let’s kickstart this amazing journey!

If you want to learn how to write and publish a book that attracts your dream clients like a marketing machine...

Then This Challenge Will Show You How!

The Book In A Week Challenge Will Show You:

Master the Art of Writing and Marketing A Book with the Time-Tested Tactics of Dan Kennedy

So That You Can Finally Make The Income and The Impact You Deserve

Here's What You'll Learn From The 4-Day Challenge:

  DAY 1

Why You Should Write a Book

Why write a book ? Most people think in terms of writing a book and they think I'm going to sit down and write a book...but your first question needs to be...what do you want to have happened as a result of having the book published.

Here's what you'll learn on Day 1:
  • Our Power Pyramid method
  • The ACE Formula (Authority/Celebrity/Expertise) 
  • How to choose your customers and Why You Should Choose This 'One' Type of Customer 

  DAY 2

Evergreen Book Launch

We're going to walk through how to consistently sell books month after month.

HINT: This works well even if you don't have a large social media following or online audience

Here's what you'll learn on Day 2:
  • The More Writing Method
  • The Magic of Mind Mapping 
  • How to create a book cover that sells

  DAY 3

Unlock the Hidden Profit From Your Book

  • Unlock the Secret to True Wealth: Discover how true wealth is not just about operations; it's about mastering marketing systems. Most businesses focus on operations but overlook the gold mine in effective marketing systems. Learn to tap into this overlooked treasure trove!
  • Transform Your Book into a Financial Powerhouse: A book isn't just a collection of pages - it's a potential cornerstone for a lucrative marketing system. We'll show you how to turn your book into a metaphorical blank check, where the earning potential is as limitless as your ambition.
  • Beyond the Book - The Real Profit Journey: The true financial journey begins after the last page is turned. We'll unveil the strategies to capitalize on post-publication opportunities, turning your book into a continuous revenue stream.

  DAY 4

Bonus Day: Ask Us Anything

Learn from Chandler Bolt who is the man behind and has helped publish over 10,000 people launch their book to the world and Darcy Juarez who has over 20 years teaching entrepreneurs and small business owners how to grow their businesses by creating marketing assets to leverage their time. 

Your Hosts During This 4-Day

Book In A Week Challenge

Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy is the Founder of Magnetic Marketing and one of the most revered marketing advisors to entrepreneurs and business owners in the world. Kennedy has taught his Magnetic Marketing System to over 6 million people and is widely known as the Godfather of Direct Response Marketing. 

He’s shared the stage with former President Donald Trump, and Ronald Reagan, including world leaders like Gen. Colin Powell, Margaret Thatcher, Mikail Gorbachev and speakers such as Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, Tony Robbins, & Larry King. Kennedy has authored third-two books, which have sold hundreds of thousands of copies, been on bookshelves for over 25+ years, and is named to the “Top 100 Business Books” list by Inc. Magazine. 

He’s been featured on Forbes, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and Entrepreneur. If you want to attract new customers and grow your business, there is no other advisor, thought-leader better suited and committed to that outcome than Dan Kennedy & Magnetic Marketing. 

Darcy Juarez

Darcy has spent the last 20 years teaching entrepreneurs and small business owners how to grow their businesses by creating marketing assets to leverage their time. Highly sought after for her insights and advice in growing businesses using the Magnetic Marketing principles and building systems to efficiently and effectively attract, convert, and retain clients. 

She is the author of the Amazon best-selling books, The Insiders Secret to Writing a Lead Generation Book in 7 days or less and 5 Ways to Double Your Business in 90 Days or Less. As Dan Kennedy’s top student she helps entrepreneurs and small business owners attract a flood of their ideal customers, clients, and patients with Dan principles as the Chief Business Strategist at Magnetic Marketing. And she is featured in Dan’s No B.S. Direct Marketing for Non-Direct Marketers Book. 

Darcy was an accomplished Division 1 athlete – playing volleyball at Illinois State University who learned very quickly the value of time and how to be efficient and effective in everything she did. Darcy is also a highly successful potter producing functional pottery. She loves to travel and has been to 22 different countries with a goal to step on all 7 continents.

Chandler Bolt

Chandler Bolt is an investor, the CEO of, a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree, and the author of 7 bestselling books including his most recent book titled “Published.”.

Through his books, podcasts, YouTube Channels, and Self-Publishing School, he's helped thousands of people write a book that grows their income, their impact and business

What Are You Waiting For?

Ready To Learn The New Way To Launch Your Book To Best Seller Ranks In Just 4 Days?

What You Can Expect

From The Book In A Week Challenge!

Before The Challenge

  • Overwhelmed with feelings of uncertainty when it comes to writing your book
  • Feel confident you are making the right moves
  • Questioning if your book is even “good enough” to propel you to 1% author status
  • ​Having the drive to become a 1% author, but don’t know where to start...

After The Challenge

  • Achieve a crystal clear direction for your book and your business
  • Feel confident you are making the right moves when it comes to launching your book
  • Have a step-by-step action plan
  • ​Gain the drive and motivation to launch your book to best seller ranks

Here’s Everything You Get

When You Sign Up For The 1% Author Challenge!

  • FREE! FOUR jam-packed days of learning how to become a 1% Author with Chandler Bolt, Darcy Juarez, and special guest, Dan Kennedy!
  • FREE! Access to our private 'Book In A Week' Challenge community, where you can share wins, ask questions, collect more insight and “author breakthroughs,” and get inspired!
  • FREE! The 'Book In A Week'; Challenge Workbook with tools and homework to fast track your author career success during the 4-days challenge!
BONUS! Get A Your Free Audiobook and Ebook Version of CEO, Chandler Bolt's Best Selling Book, 'Published. The Proven Path From Blank Page To 10,000 Copies Sold'


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